Repro Roundup Digest, Week of October 19

After a two-day hiatus on the 18th and 19th, the Repro Roundup continues! This was a busy week for abortion news, despite the fact that I refuse to give more airtime to the Barrett confirmation process or this administration’s antics. One of the intentions of these Roundups is to cover news that doesn’t get wide attention. So while there may be repro news dominating the news cycle, there is repro news getting pushed to the side. That’s the news I want to cover. Here’s what I covered this week:

New Repro Roundup: Repro Roundup: October 3rd is Rosie Jiménez Day, honoring the first victim of the Hyde Amendment

My latest Repro Round up honors Rosie Jiménez. Who was the first woman to die from the Hyde Amendment. Read about her life, the Hyde Amendment, and the EACH Woman Act below.

New Repro Roundup: Trump administration ends policy of refusing abortion for unaccompanied immigrant minors

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NEW! Repro Roundup: Louisiana’s anti-abortion amendment on the ballot Nov. 1 (vote no!)

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