The Repro Queen of D.C.

I’m so excited to offer two newsletters–both about abortion activism.

The first is my first-hand account of my writing and activism from the month. Subscribe to follow along with everything I’m working on.

The second is a 7-part email series about the ins and outs of the abortion justice movement. The topics are:

  • Week 1: What is repro? Repro health/rights/justice 101
  • Week 2: What is an abortion? Medical terminology 101
  • Week 3: What is an abortion clinic? The frontlines of the movement 101
  • Week 4: What is the clinic escorting and clinic defense? Clinic safety 101
  • Week 5: What are abortion funds? Financing abortion 101
  • Week 6: What is abortion practical support? Accessibility 101
  • Week 7: What is oppo? Inside the opposition to abortion 101

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Sign up for the Repro Queen of D.C.’s education email series about all-things abortion! I’m Steph, the Repro Queen, and I created this email series as an informative and useful tool for folks who are interested in abortion activism and for people already here to continue to learn and grow as activists.

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