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A Quick Reflection on the Covenant

Chag Sameach/Happy Shavuot! Shavuot is a fairly new holiday for me, as someone still in the early stages of her Jewish Journey. In short, this is a holiday that celebrates when the Israelites received the Torah from G-d at Mount Sinai. In this chapter of the Torah (Exodus chapters 19 and 20), we see G-d […]

Who perpetuates digital harassment?

There is a distinct difference between a troll and a cyber bully and the motivations behind why each of those types of people perpetuates digital harassment. A cyberbully is someone who has, typically, zeroed in on a target, often someone they know offline, and will repeatedly harass that one person. A troll on the other […]

The Sound of Silence: Further exploring silencing strategies of online trolling behaviors

In previous posts, we’ve discussed types of trolling behavior and talked to someone who has experienced trolling. But what purpose does trolling serve? Why might someone engage in trolling behavior? This comic from Everyday Feminism is a great place to start: In this comic, trolls attempt to protect themselves from a perceived threat to their […]

Leslie Jones, a white supremacists, and a Ghostbusters remake all walk into a bar…

It didn’t end well for anyone. But let’s back up. Leslie Jones is a comedian, SNL star, and Twitter-commentator extraordinaire. But her relationship with Twitter has not always been an easy one. When Jones was promoting her then-upcoming movie all-female remake of the 1984 classic Ghostbusters, Jones began to receive highly racist and sexist backlash, egged […]

A Bill to Condemn Antisemitism

After weeks of organizing, hundreds of emails, hours and hours and hours of work, my semester finally feels complete. But not because my classes have ended or my finals are done. Because my bill has finally passed through the Undergraduate Senate. I knew I would be creating this bill early on, only a few days […]

When faith-based service is faith-prohibitive.

I talk a lot about antisemitism on this blog. But I don’t talk a lot about my own beliefs. So let me begin by saying I am deeply and profoundly moved by the Jewish call to service unto others. I deeply believe in Deuteronomy 16:20, ‘Justice, justice you shall pursue’  and I am moved by […]

Press Clip: “Jewish prayer draws more than 100 attendees after ‘difficult week’ for community”

The past few weeks have been incredibly painful for the Jewish community, with the recent spate of antisemitism happening at George Washington University. In summary, a few years back an undergraduate senator made virulently antisemitic comments regarding the Jewish Student Association and GW Hillel. Then, this senator (after being allowed to remain in his position) […]

A few examples of what I experience every day…

A few months back, I began meticulously documenting the unsolicited messages I receive across all three of my social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For sure, some of these messages are more innocuous than others, but none of that changes the fact that these are 100% unsolicited. I am not entitled to anyone’s time. I […]

Press Clip: Anti-Semitic Flyers Depicting A Parkland Student Found On College Campus

A few weeks ago, I was approached by a reporter for Refinery29, Natalie Gontcharova, about a second antisemitic postering incident that took place on my campus.  I am very excited as she featured my website and the curriculum I’ve created around antisemitism on college campuses. Read the full story here.

Press Clip: Protesting one way of giving voice to issues

Almost 4 months ago, I was interviewed about the rise of protesting happening across the country in response to this administration’s policies. Black hopes to see consolidation in these movements, so they can institute and create real change, “I think there should be more looking outwards, at who is fighting alongside of you and not […]

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