Who I Am

Hiya! I’m Steph. I’m a proudly Jewish activist and writer in Washington, DC. I’ve lived in this city since 2015. Since then, I’ve protested, rallied, lobbied, written, volunteered, prayed, and more for feminist causes around the city. Below is a snapshot of my work but you can follow along with my work by subscribing to my monthly newsletter, The Repro Queen of DC.

What I’m up to right now

I am thrilled to be the Communications Specialist for the National Council of Jewish Women, a grassroots organization of volunteers and advocates that has worked for reproductive freedom for over 125 years. In my day-to-day work, I write, edit, strategize, and collaborate to promote reproductive freedom, voting access, fair courts, and more. I’m proud to be on of NCJW’s Representatives to the UN and promoting the rights of vulnerable women, children, and families.

Outside of work, I am a freelance writer and I cover abortion access, reproductive rights, and Jewish topics from a feminist lens. I am the Vice President of the Emma Goldman Clinic, an independent feminist abortion provider in Iowa City, Iowa, a board member of the Access to Reproductive Care and Health in Falls Church, Virginia, and a board member of the Tampa Bay Abortion Fund in Florida. I am an avid abortion funder, practical support volunteer for DAPSN, and clinic escort. I build websites and offer digital media strategy for pro-choice organizations pro-bono. I am a Lead Ambassador for Plan C. I frequently lobby my elected officials on the Hill and am thrilled to lead groups of young advocates on how to lobby. I also educate and train others on self-managed abortion.


I am unbelievably proud of my freelance writing. I am a syndicated author and I specialize in op-eds, first-person essays, and semi-reported articles. I have bylines in national publication such as Bustle, Rewire News Group, The Progressive, and Hey Alma. Through writing, I connect my activism, current events, and incredible non-profits and abortion providers in understandable and relatable ways so readers can take action. I am always open to pitches! Here is a complete list of my clips and some of my favorite pieces.


I’m heavily involved in the Jewish community of DC. While at American University, I sat on the Board of Directors for American University’s Hillel for 18 months after heavy involvement throughout my time at AU. I participated in and lead many fellowships, including Lilith: The Jewish Feminist Fellowship, and Race, Privilege, and Antisemitism. I create the first-of-its-kind curriculum on teaching antisemitism and trained over 50 Jewish and non-Jewish staff, faculty, and students on the history and reality of antisemitism today. I wrote and passed a bill condemning antisemitism through my student government.

I’m a proud mikvah guide and educator at the Adas Israel Community Mikvah. I am a huge promoter of co-created water rituals, have TA-ed courses, run online mikvah guide trainings, attended and presented at conferences about mikvah, and consult for mikvaot around the world. At the Mathias Undergraduate Research conference at American University, I was selected to give a presentation on reclaiming mikvah as a feminist practice.

I’ve travelled to Israel and Palestine four times.

Communication and Marketing

I am highly skilled in all things digital communications and have presented at conferences, offered consulting work, and held dozens of internships/executive board positions/volunteer roles as a communications specialist. I craft and deliver on-target messaging across platforms to best represent the goals and values of an organization. I presented on grassroots digital activism at Georgetown’s Working to End Rape Culture Summit. I offer pro-bono strategy consultations for pro-choice organizations and even build websites for organizations as well. Utilizing digital advocacy in tandem with in-person activism is my specialty!

I’ve been interviewed by NowThis, Mother Jones, Refinery29, Washington Jewish Week, Beyond the Byline, Alma, HerCampus, and Harvard Radio Broadcasting, The Forward, i24 News, and more.

American University

I graduated in December of 2019 from American University and majored in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I served on multiple executive boards of student organizations such as the American Association of University Women, Students to End Abortion Stigma, and She’s the First. Additionally, I have held multiple internships around DC in women’s advocacy at various nonprofits such as NARAL Pro-Choice America, the American Association of University Women, the Center for Survivor Agency and Justice, Jewish Women International and more. In college, I was a member of NARAL’s first ever DC Action Council. I was deeply passionate about promoting women’s empowerment and liberation from the heteropatriarchy. My favorite thing was being able to bring like-minded, passionate young women together to change the world.

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