Why a children’s book about abortion is already making waves

My latest for Rewire News Group is live! I speak to Carly Manes and Emulsify, author and illustrator of a new children’s picture book, “What’s An Abortion Anyway?” 

This book is so special. Children (and adults!) have the right to learn about abortion in a way that is accurate, destigmatized, and nuanced. Carly and Emulsify nailed it.

Give my article on their new picture book and a read and then go support their Kickstarter campaign! Their goal is to have a copy of the book in every abortion clinic in the country, with a Spanish-language edition, and will donate copies to libraries across the country. 

Why These Doulas Created a Kids’ Book About Abortion – Rewire News Group

Abortion is a fact of life. Regardless of what you might hear from pearl-clutching fundamentalists, your friend who is pro-choice but would never have an abortion, or even your doctor, abortion is common. We see messages about abortion in all kinds of media we consume-on social media, on TV, in movies, and on podcasts.

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