Interview with Anna Wood, author of “I’ve Had One Too” for Ms. Magazine

It’s interviews like this one that make me endlessly grateful to be a writer covering the repro movement.

A few weeks ago, a publicist for a very new book emailed me and asked if I would speak with the author. I wasn’t sure what to expect but agreed after I received a copy of the memoir, “I’ve Had One Too.”

And holy cow. If you do abortion work or even abortion-adjacent work, you need to read this. It contains all of the nuances, grievances, joys, and pitfalls of the repro movement. Anna shares a gift with readers, the story of her abortion.

This interview went from four neatly prepared questions to almost an hour of conversation. Below is a transcript of just some of what we were able to talk about. Give it a read and then get her book! My latest for Ms. Magazine:

‘I’ve Had One Too’ Author Anna Wood Demystifies Abortion: “It Can Be Both the Right Decision and an Emotional Decision” – Ms. Magazine

In her debut memoir, ‘I’ve Had One Too,’ Anna Wood demystifies what abortion can look like. Moving beyond the stark binaries of pro-choice and pro-life, she brings readers along her personal journey to come to terms with her decision to have an abortion.

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