Clearly, including women in the haggadah resonates strongly.

What a week! I am floored and overwhelmed by how much coverage my haggadah supplement has gotten. Clearly, there is a deep need for feminist additions and interpretations of our Jewish texts, rituals, and traditions. I hope that this supplement is just the start of the conversation.

To recap the last few days:

I wrote “The Five Women of the Exodus: A Feminist Supplement to the Haggadah,’ for National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) inspired by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg.

Then, for Alma, I sat down with Rabbi Ruttenberg to talk about how the idea came about, why it’s important, and other feminist rituals we are including in our seders.

Rabbi Ruttenberg and I were also interviewed in a really great piece for The Forward where we spoke about the importance of honoring and uplifting the original Jewish women and how we should all embody the various aspect of the five women in our activism today.

During The White House Virtual Passover Celebration, Jewish Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff referred to my supplement to the thousands of Jews who tuned in.

Finally, JTA News covered it.

Don’t forget to download, print, and share in time for your Passover seder tomorrow! Chag sameach, happy Passover to all who celebrate!

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