The women you should add to your Passover Seder this year

Last week, the Passover insert I wrote for National Council of Jewish Women–The Five Women of the Exodus: A Feminist Supplement to the Haggadah–became available! Download, print, and share it here!

Since then, I had the lovely chance to sit down with Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, who came up with the idea, to talk about how the idea of the supplement came about, why it means so much to us as Jewish-feminist activists and advocates, and other feminist rituals we are incorporating into our seders. Read our full conversation for Alma here.

Pro-tip: when you print out the haggadah supplement, you can print it out as a “booklet” so when you fold it in half, it reads like a book, just like I did! It will fit so nicely into your usual haggadah perfectly 🙂

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