Galentine’s Day Fund-a-thon for the Tampa Bay Abortion Fund!

It’s the best time of the year! All across the country, local abortion funds are launching their annual–and biggest–fundraisers. This year, I’m so excited to help the Tampa Bay Abortion Fund reach their goal of $12,000.

This year, I’m also doing something unique. As a thank-you to those who donate to my campaign, I’m sending you stickers–for free! These are stickers I’ve been holding onto for ages and stickers I have multiples of. And they can be yours! Donate $2 or more (either through my page or via Venmo/Paypal/Cashapp/Zelle/etc), send me your address, and tell me which stickers you want! That’s it! Designs are below.

It’s only two months into the year and TBAF has already hit a record breaking number of callers who need more financial assistance than ever to cover the costs of their procedures, tranportation, medications, and childcare. To date, TBAF has never turned away a client who needs assistance. Your donation helps guarantee that.

So browse the stickers I have below, donate through any of the listed ways, and let me know what your address is.

  1. Donate:

2. Send me your address:

3. Tell me which sticker you want! The number in the parentheses is the design number and the second number is how many of that design I have. I’ll keep track of how many I have left for you 🙂 Click on the pic to get a better view!

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