Rewire News Group: Why I bought abortion pills online

I’m honored to have my story of buying abortion medication featured in the special edition of Rewire News Group on the future of abortion access. I’m above the fold!!

I started this piece back in August of 2019 and fought hard to find a home for it. Seeing it in Rewire is incredible. Jessica and I worked for weeks to get the piece where it is now and had to wait until the new administration was firmly in office to mitigate any legal risk from publishing these details. It’s the hardest and longest I’ve ever worked on one piece. If you have any questions about self-managing abortion, obtaining abortion medication, or the legal risks involved, I have the info! (Though I am not able to give medical or legal advice šŸ˜‰)

Definitely read the rest of the edition, I’m in excellent company.

What I Learned From Buying Abortion Pills Online – Rewire News Group

For more on the future of abortion, check out our special edition. Last October I found myself in a situation familiar to a lot of people: at home and on a Zoom meeting for work when I heard an insistent knocking at my door.

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