Independent abortion clinics are the cornerstones of their communities: My latest for Ms. Magazine

My latest article for Ms. Magazine is live and I am so proud of it. I’d wager it’s one of my favorites I’ve ever written so far and definitely the kind of writing I want to keep doing in the future.

The findings of Abortion Care Networks’s recent study on the state of independent clinics is alarming and Indies are closing at unprecedented rates, despite being fixtures of their communities.

Getting to talk with so many independent abortion providers was humbling. Listening to these Executive Directors speak about their deep love of their clinics, their staff, and, most importantly, the communities they serve touched me. Their resiliency and drive, when faced with these very scary statistics, are inspirational.

This is why I do what I do in service to this movement. I hope you read and enjoy this piece as much as I loved writing it. Thank you to the Emma Goldman Clinic, the Falls Church Healthcare Center, and the Red River Women’s Clinic and their Executive Directors for taking the time to talk with me.

Communities Need Independent Abortion Clinics – Ms. Magazine

Independent abortion clinics-also called indie clinics or indies-are shutting down at alarming rates all across the country, despite 60 percent of abortion-seeking patients obtaining care at these facilities, according to the Abortion Care Network’s annual report, ” Communities Need Care.” This rate of closure is more than concerning; it’s an emergency.

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