My Ms. Magazine Debut: The Ms. Q&A: Jennifer Weiss-Wolf on What the U.S. Can Learn From Scotland’s Period Products Law

I am floored to have my words in Ms. Magazine! Writing for Ms. has been a goal of mine for years and I never thought I’d see the day. Not only am I now published for this incredible and historical outlet, my first piece is with a personal inspiration of mine, Jennifer Weiss-Wolf. Jennifer is the co-founder of Period Equity, a nonprofit that advocates for menstrual equity through the legislature and author of Periods Gone Public–my first introduction to her.

Jennifer has a special way of bringing “taboo” topics to the forefront and manages to systematically destigmatize them in a relatable way. I’ve used a lot of the frameworks she uses in her book to talk about abortion. It was so special to get to ask her about Scotland’s recent national mandate that made all menstrual products free and how the United States can follow suit. In fact, we had so much to talk about, this interview is twice as long as a normal piece in the Ms. Q+A series is!

Give it a read and let me know what you think:

The Ms. Q&A: Jennifer Weiss-Wolf on What the U.S. Can Learn From Scotland’s Period Products Law – Ms. Magazine

Scotland recently became the first nation in the world to mandate all period products in the country will be free for anyone who needs them. Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, menstrual equity expert and founder of Period Equity, discusses the historic nature of Scotland’s new law; how it’s going to work, in practice; how we might model it in the U.S.; and how COVID is affecting menstrual equity here in the States.

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