Talking about anti-abortion clinic harassment with ACCESS: A Podcast About Abortion

Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Garnet Henderson, host of Access: A Podcast About Abortion about a frightening trend of anti-abortion clinic protesters showing up in droves to harass patients, staff, and volunteers outside of abortion clinics. While it’s dangerous at the best of times, these protesters are deadly during a pandemic, considering none of them wear masks. I recounted my experience seeing the protesters maskless for the first time at the beginning of the pandemic.

Definitely give the episode a listen, I’m honored to appear alongside some escort champions from We Engage, Charlotte for Choice, and around the country. And, obviously, you should listen to the whole podcast because it’s truly amazing and very insightful about the state of abortion access.

The cognitive dissonance is like, so surreal to me and so astounding that these people who claim to care about protecting women and claim to care about the best interests of the people walking into that clinic are the same ones who are actively putting their lives in danger by standing too close to each other, by not wearing masks, by making pedestrians walk into a highway to avoid them on the sidewalk.

Abortion Clinic Harassment Intensifies During the Pandemic – ACCESS

Protesters outside of abortion clinics are a common sight. But they have become emboldened during the Trump era, employing aggressive tactics, turning out in record-breaking numbers, and flouting pandemic safety measures. Guests: Music by Lily Sloane, logo by Kate Ryan. Special thanks to Charlotte for Choice and We Engage for audio from the field.

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