Washington Jewish Week: How D.C. Jews are Staying Calm Post-Election

Steph Black, a communications specialist for the National Council of Jewish Women, said her organization is urging people to be patient as the results come in. 

This has been an agonizing 36 hours waiting and watching the results from the election roll in. Though we’ve known for weeks that we would not know the final result of the election on election day itself, it’s agonizing to wait with so much at stake.

I spoke with Washington Jewish Week about what advice National Council of Jewish Women and I are giving today around being patient. Read the full story here.

Washington-area Jews waiting out too-close-to-call presidential election – Washington Jewish Week

As people waited out the results of Tuesday’s election, Hannah Recht, of Washington could say, “I told you so.” She knew it was going to be a nail biter. “My expectations were pretty similar to the situation we’re in right now,” Recht said Wednesday. “I didn’t think we would know the results last night.

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