A website for DAPSN

It’s live! I’m so excited to launch the brand-new DAPSN website! DAPSN (DMV Abortion Practical Support Network) provides rides, housing, and companionship/escorts for patients seeking abortion care in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Before today, we had no digital presence whatsoever, so I’m thrilled that we have a place to send volunteers, future volunteers, and patients.

Those who subscribe to my newsletter and have already opened/read it got a sneak peek!

Anyways, check it out! There will be more pages and information added later but I’m so excited to have made this.


The DMV Abortion Practical Support Network provides transportation, housing, and escorts to folks seeking abortion care in DC, Virginia, and Maryland. DAPSN bridges the gaps to abortion access through hands-on mutual aid and community care by fostering connections with patients, local organizations, and our network of dedicated volunteers.

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