A new abortion funding adventure with the Access to Reproductive Care and Health (ARCH) Fund.

I’m really honored to have been voted onto the Access to Reproductive Care and Health (ARCH) abortion fund board last night. I can’t think of a truer form of mutual aid/community care than funding abortion at a clinic where I also escort!

ARCH is a fund specifically for the patients seeking care at the Falls Church Healthcare Center, which just became the 2020 recipient of the National Abortion Federation’s George R. Tiller “Attitude is Everything” Standard of Excellence Award! The award celebrates excellent and compassionate patient care, positive attitude, and staff cohesiveness.

Stay tuned for amazing changes for ARCH–new website, maybe some social media, and a new fundraising effort!


A little more about us… Based out of Falls Church, Virginia, we are a diverse group with a vision to ensure that the women of our community who are seeking reproductive care have access despite their financial status. Time and time again, the financial burdens have proven to be an immense roadblock for some women.

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