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I am so excited to be in my first session of my Pregnancy Options Workshop by All-Options! Information is power and pregnant people have the right to make the best decision for them. Learning how to counsel pregnant folks on the full spectrum of options (abortion, adoption, parenting, and pregnancy) is crucial reproductive justice work.

And to be frank, it’s really nice to finally have a proper response to anti-choicers who accuse me of wanting each-and-every woman to have an abortion. Yes, I fight for abortion access. But for the pregnant people who need and want it. This training will help give me the tools I need to be able to respond to all sorts of pregnancy options.

Read more about this training here:

Pregnancy Options Workshops

For more than a decade, All-Options has offered trainings on pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption, values clarification, and nonjudgmental options counseling. Our trainings are for healthcare and social service providers, advocates, educators, counselors, doulas, and anyone who’s curious about supporting pregnant people with respect and without bias or judgment.

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