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Someone bought me coffee virtually for the first time today! I haven’t really promoted this yet because it feels so weird to ask for support for my own work and not for someone else’s. But a few weeks ago I set up this page for folks to throw a few dollars my way if they’re able.

All of my content is free and it always will be. I am also pretty radially available for folks to reach out to me and I likely will never charge folks for that, even though consulting is a very lucrative business. This last month alone I’ve spoken with young people who want to get involved in activism, a novelist looking for historical information about abortion, a young woman who is converting to Judaism, and an abortion fund whom I wrote a profile for and built a website for. And I have loved every single second of doing it. I think the repro movement is hard enough to break into without me intentionally creating more barriers to entry for people who this movement needs.

This means that I do a lot of free labor. I’ve poured thousands of joyful hours into volunteering, writing, creating, and working for the reproductive freedom movement. Partially because I simply love to do it, partially because I have the privilege to be able to. However, if you’ve ever read something I’ve written, learned something from my website, subscribe to my blog or my newsletter–and you’re able to– it would mean the world if you helped feed my caffeine addiction and help keep the content running.

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Steph Black is volunteering, writing, and organizing as an activist in D.C.

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