A New Kind of Tu B’Shevat Celebration

Tu B’Shevat, or New Years for the Trees, is one of my favorite quirky Jewish holidays (right next to Shavuot where we celebrate receiving the commandments on Sinai by eating lots of cheese even though basically every Jew I know is lactose intolerant). But this holiday has slowly been transforming in recent years as a vehicle for discussing sustainability, global warming, and climate change.

I am also an ecofeminist, someone who understands the connections between women’s liberation and climate justice; I am called to protect so much more than water.

This year, I created a recipe of rituals, if you will, that complement the existing literature out there for how to spiritually and morally cope with the climate crisis for Jewish Women’s Archive.

Tu B’Shevat in The Age of Ecofeminism

In recent years, an overlooked Jewish holiday called the “new year of the trees,” or Tu B’Shevat, has become newly relevant and more often observed. The most common celebration on this day consists of a seder during which various tree fruits and wine are blessed and eaten.

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