This year, we will fight for abortion-my feminist New Year’s resolution

Very excited to see my (very) short New Year’s resolution make it into the print issue of Lilith Magazine! I am on this list with some very incredible people, heroines of mine, who have much fuller resolutions than I do, but fear not! I have a new piece on what it means to be an abortion doula coming out for Lilith shortly, so stay tuned.

I am also very pleased to announce that I am well on my way to fulfilling this resolution as I have been accepted into the DC Doulas for Choice Collective in this cohort and will begin my training in March.

Below are my poor quality pictures of the print article, but please check out the full article here.

This Year, We Will Fight for Abortion.

Energetic activists and worriers tell you their plans. Plus…Rebecca Sive’s clues for educating voters how to “Make America Smart Again.” Abortion rights are suspended from a precipice in states across the country. Activists are fighting not only unjust laws, but also our own side’s fatigue after decades of backlash.

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