Year Four at the Women’s March! My first for Washington Jewish Week

I can’t believe it’s been four years already. The 2020 Women’s March on Washington is just around the corner and once again I am showing up in full force.

Jewish women have been fighting for a fair and just Women’s March from the beginning.

Like the second year of the March, I am proudly leading a contingent of Zionesses–badass Jewish women who have fought tooth and nail for an end to antisemitism from the leadership of the March. I was interviewed by Catalyst Magazine and Washington Jewish Week about why I decided to attend. And last year, the third year, I was honored to march behind some amazing Jewish women of color (and frankly I’m still verklempt).

This year is all about celebrating how far we’ve come. I’m celebrating that I can show up to this incredible movement as a progressive Zionist, as a feminist, as a Jewish woman.

Find all the information you need to march with me here. And read my full piece here:

Voices | Why is this Women’s March different?

For the fourth year in a row, I am proudly participating in the Women’s March on Washington. You should join me. As a Jewish woman, I am obligated show up in support of social justice wherever needed, following in the long tradition of Jewish women who stand up for what is right.

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