Hashem is Pro-Choice and So Am I: Amplify GA’s new campaign

I am blown away to be featured in Amplify GA’s incredible campaign, #GodIsProChoiceAndSoAmI.

They launched their campaign a few weeks ago, saying:


With the holidays approaching, we reflect on how religion and abortion, when brought up in the same space, are expected to clash irrefutably—the notion that being a person of faith means to be against the act of an abortion, and therefore, stringently oppose the mission of reproductive justice. But in reality…this is not the case. The beautiful thing about religion is that people of faith interpret its practices and beliefs in a way that makes the most sense to them. There are people who see a clear connection between their faith and reproductive justice. We want to highlight these perspectives with our series: #GodIsProChoiceAndSoAmI!

Starting next Friday, we will feature voices of various faith leaders and people of faith who are true to their religious and spiritual beliefs AND advocate for reproductive rights, health, and justice.
We hope that this series enlightens and inspires you throughout the season!

So far, they have featured thought-leaders like Rev. Kenyetta Chinwe, AMPLIFY GA Project Coordinator at @sistersong_woc, State Senator Jen Jordan of District 6 of Georgia, and yours truly!


Here’s a round-up of some of the pieces I’ve written about abortion and Judaism:

Some pieces on abortion rights in general:

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