Interview with Washington Jewish Week: You Should Know

Last week I had the lovely opportunity to be interviewed by Washington Jewish Week about my work at the Adas Israel Community Mikvah! Sam and I talked for almost an hour about my work, my activism, and my thoughts on Jewish justice. The result was a fun overview of what working at the Mikvah means to me.

You Should Know…Steph Black – Washington Jewish Week

Steph Black fell down what she calls “the “Jewish justice rabbit hole” when she started attending American University. And she has no intention of climbing out. As a senior, the Boston native, now 22, started interning at the Adas Israel Congregation’s mikvah, or ritual bath.

Also, for a good overview of what the heck mikvah is, check out this overview from My Jewish Learning and read my take on mikvah as a feminist practice here:

Mikvah as a feminist practice? How an ancient ritual bath is being reclaimed
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