Announcing: A new partnership between myself and Student Israelity!

I am SO excited to announce that one of my favorite publications, AU’s very own Student Israelity, has offered to create a partnership between my site and theirs.

Having written for them before in the past (here and here), I have a deep admiration for their mission: Everything Student Designed, Everything Student Written, Everything Israel. My personal thoughts on Israel are complicated and ever evolving and I appreciate having a platform at my fingertips in which I can explore them.

So when I got the following email, I was overjoyed:

As always, Steph, we are astounded by your incredible coverage of social and political activism at AU/in DC. 

Student Israelity would love to share some of your work from 2018 on antisemitism and your experience at Tel Aviv Pride. Now, also subscribed to your website, we will email for permission to share future Israel-related posts! 

Check out their first re-post of mine here, about my newest dialogue on Antisemitism.

Additionally, take a minute to read their full vision for their blog here.

When you attend one of the most politically active schools in the country, everything is debated, contested, advocated for or argued against. Israel is a challenging, but crucial, area of interest for many, and one of the most discussed topics at American University. Upwards of ten Israel-related clubs and organizations exist on campus, and each promotes its own opinions and perspectives on the multifaceted dynamics of this small nation. Student Israelity was founded to provide a space where these students can engage in civil discourse, regardless of an individual’s religious, political, or cultural makeup, and to share their voice on a safe platform.

Any student can submit work by emailing and can stay up-to-date by following their Facebook page.

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