Interview with NowThis: Dayenu, why I marched in the 2019 Women’s March

Last Monday, I received a phone call from Sare Soffer, a reporter and producer for NowThis who asked if I was going to the Women’s March. Throughout our conversation, we discussed the pitfalls of the Women’s March leadership and our hopes for the movement writ large. She asked me if I would like to be interviewed. I agreed.

I wound up talking for nearly 15 minutes about my reasons for marching. As to be expected, only about 10 seconds of what I had to say made it into the final cut of the interview. While I won’t rehash everything I said, I want to make sure that the first part of the sentence that was included gets shared here.

So, what wasn’t included? Just one word, the very first word of that sentence: dayenu.

Dayenu is a song that Jews sing every year on Passover that outline 15 different major events that the Jews faced from slavery in Egypt to building the Temple in Israel. After each chorus that describes the event, we sing the chorus, in which we thank G-d for getting us to that point and that had that been the extent of G-d’s miraculous intervention, it would have been enough, it would have been sufficient, and we would be grateful.

And, so. Dayenu: it is enough that my sisters who don’t look like me are hurting, my sisters from different walks of life are hurting. Dayenu, it is enough for me to March. Check out the full video below or skip ahead to roughly minute 1:35 to see my full statement on why dayenu, why I marched.

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