Interview with Beyond the Byline: Why DVAM on Campus

Last month for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I wrote a series of op-eds for The Eagle on domestic violence on campus. Covering topics from how to respond to your friends when they tell you they’ve experienced domestic violence, to campus specific-forms of abuse, this series covered a lot of ground. A few weeks later, The Eagle reached out and asked me to be on their new podcast, Beyond the Byline, and discuss my process and reasons for writing the series. I had a great time talking with Evan, the host, and we had a great conversation about DV on campus. The links to the series are below where you can also find the podcast! (I come in around 15:10)

Responding to Disclosures

Domestic Violence on Campus Part 1

Domestic Violence on Campus Part 2

Domestic Violence on Campus Part 3

The Eagle Does Multimedia? by Beyond the Byline

On this week’s episode of Beyond the Byline, host Evan Margiotta talks with Eagle reporters about an Aramark worker’s controversial removal, the first multimedia project of the year and an opinion series on domestic violence.


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