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How to respond when your friends disclose their assault to you.

It has been a tough two weeks, to say the least, with a near constant bombardment of Christine Ford’s testimony and Kavanaugh’s upsetting response. Many survivors of assault have been sharing their truths, some out of empowerment and some out of fear that their attacker will one day occupy a seat of immense power. Either way, knowing how to support your loved ones is crucial. Here’s how to support them when they do.

Check it out my first column for the semester on The Eagle here.

Opinion: Here’s how to respond to friends when they disclose their sexual assault to you

It is more important than ever that we learn how to support our loved ones who have experienced sexual assault. The last week or so has been especially triggering and traumatizing for survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence with the accusations against Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh surfacing.

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