My Linda Problem

As you may know, last week I was arrested while protesting Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. It was a bizarre (but deeply meaning) handful of hours, from meeting my fellow activists, sleeping outside, and spending my afternoon in zip ties. But the unusual part of my evening was having a productive conversation with Linda Sarsour. And then getting arrested next to her. Thanks to Student Israelity, an amazing student-produced blog on campus, I had a platform to put down some of my thoughts. Read the full post here.

“I am a progressive. And I am a Zionist. For me, not only are those two things not mutually exclusive, they are beautifully complementary. They are, in some respects, one and the same. The same values I fight for in this country, I support in Israel. I hold Israel to a high, progressive standard precisely because I love it. Precisely because, as a Jew in 2018, I need it.”

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