Yes, there’s another Equal Pay Day we have to ‘celebrate’: this one is for moms.

Happy Mom’s Equal Pay Day everyone! Did you know, the woman who raised you, loved you, cared for you, will earn 29% less than your dad? Simply because she’s a woman? Who knew! As if women in the workplace don’t already have enough on their plates, from pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, limited opportunities for career advancement, the list goes on. But punishing women for having children?

Check out my discoveries below in my first piece for JWI!

Fighting Back Against Mom’s Wage Gap – JWI

By Steph Black The paycheck of the most important woman in your life will only be 71% of her male counterpart. The woman who raised and cared for you will be economically hampered due to stereotypes and bias. But we think your mom deserves better.


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