A Bill to Condemn Antisemitism

After weeks of organizing, hundreds of emails, hours and hours and hours of work, my semester finally feels complete. But not because my classes have ended or my finals are done. Because my bill has finally passed through the Undergraduate Senate.

I knew I would be creating this bill early on, only a few days after the first postering incident and the University’s lack of response, that I would be the one to act since no one else was. I had no idea how much work I would wind up doing, especially work with the Student Government–a body on campus I have never wanted anything to do with.

One of the many ideas I had, through many conversations with students and Jewish professionals around DC was to try to pass a resolution through the Senate, which would basically say they condemned the postering, but with nothing else–no directive, no action, no precedent for what to do if (and when) it happened again.

Thus, my bill was born. It became a document that defined antisemitism fully, gave examples of how it manifested, and outlined exactly what would be the Senates and Executive’s office’s responsibilities should an antisemitic incident happen.

I am enormously proud to have researched, written, lobbied for, and legislated this bill from start to finish, proxying for multiple Senators over a period of three weeks to get this done. It was a labor of enormous love for my campus and my fellow Jewish students.

But I didn’t do it alone. A HUGE thank you to my friend and Senator Eric Fryer for being the sponsor of this bill and being the one to navigate me through this process. Thanks to my supervisor at The David Project Michael Kagan for sending me your resolution and to Senators Andrew Polinski and Bobby Zitzmann for working with me closely to make sure this bill is the best it can be. And thank you to AIPAC Executive Board members Shai Saar and Juliette Smith for also having a crazy idea that antisemitism doesn’t belong here.

Read the bill below or on the AUSG Senate website.

AUSG Senate_Bill 17-18-038 (1)
AUSG Senate_Bill 17-18-038 (1) (dragged) AUSG Senate_Bill 17-18-038 (1) (dragged) 2AUSG Senate_Bill 17-18-038 (1) (dragged) 3


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