Another one down, one more to go: passing the Equal Rights Amendment

Last night, the state of Illinois made a historic move to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment declaring definitively that they would tolerate constitutional sex discrimination no more. I have been kvelling all morning, so I wrote a quick piece on why this is momentous vote bodes well for the future of women. Read my full piece […]

Yes, there’s another Equal Pay Day we have to ‘celebrate’: this one is for moms.

Happy Mom’s Equal Pay Day everyone! Did you know, the woman who raised you, loved you, cared for you, will earn 29% less than your dad? Simply because she’s a woman? Who knew! As if women in the workplace don’t already have enough on their plates, from pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, limited opportunities for career […]

A Quick Reflection on the Covenant

Chag Sameach/Happy Shavuot! Shavuot is a fairly new holiday for me, as someone still in the early stages of her Jewish Journey. In short, this is a holiday that celebrates when the Israelites received the Torah from G-d at Mount Sinai. In this chapter of the Torah (Exodus chapters 19 and 20), we see G-d […]

Who perpetuates digital harassment?

There is a distinct difference between a troll and a cyber bully and the motivations behind why each of those types of people perpetuates digital harassment. A cyberbully is someone who has, typically, zeroed in on a target, often someone they know offline, and will repeatedly harass that one person. A troll on the other […]

The Sound of Silence: Further exploring silencing strategies of online trolling behaviors

In previous posts, we’ve discussed types of trolling behavior and talked to someone who has experienced trolling. But what purpose does trolling serve? Why might someone engage in trolling behavior? This comic from Everyday Feminism is a great place to start: In this comic, trolls attempt to protect themselves from a perceived threat to their […]

Leslie Jones, a white supremacists, and a Ghostbusters remake all walk into a bar…

It didn’t end well for anyone. But let’s back up. Leslie Jones is a comedian, SNL star, and Twitter-commentator extraordinaire. But her relationship with Twitter has not always been an easy one. When Jones was promoting her then-upcoming movie all-female remake of the 1984 classic Ghostbusters, Jones began to receive highly racist and sexist backlash, egged […]

A Bill to Condemn Antisemitism

After weeks of organizing, hundreds of emails, hours and hours and hours of work, my semester finally feels complete. But not because my classes have ended or my finals are done. Because my bill has finally passed through the Undergraduate Senate. I knew I would be creating this bill early on, only a few days […]