I’m glad you made it to my work-in-progress. This website has evolved quite a bit over the years.

This site was originally meant only as a digital resume, a way for me to link three or four writing samples, post a few thoughts. But true to form, here we are, a website where you can find op-eds, blog posts, poems, rants, long-term projects, and more. This site reflects some of my proudest work.

What you’ll see: lots of feminism and lots of Judaism. I have refrained from posting about my cat, but truthfully I could devote a whole ‘nother site just to pics of him. He’s pretty cute.  But I digress.


I hope you enjoy this site. I hope you find things that resonate with you. I hope you learn something. And I hope you let me know! Always feel free to drop me a line, either in the contact tab in the menu or through any of the social media platforms connected here. ✌🏻Thank you for stopping by!

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